There are hundreds of sites that share how to save and be frugal when planning a staycation; but just because you’re staying in your home city doesn’t mean you have to cut corners.
Traveling far and wide is fun but a staycation can be just as intriguing, if you do it right. A staycation can afford you an opportunity to enjoy a level of living unlike the norm, meet new people, and even experience unknown aspects of the city culture, right in your own hometown. If you’d like to try something different and experience your city or a neighboring city in a different way try a staycation, a staycation with style.
  1. Book a suite. Treat yourself to a spacious hotel with amazing decor, great staff and a renown restaurant. In Washington, DC, the small upscale neighborhood of Georgetown hosts a number of boutique and grandiose 5-star hotels. A favorite of mine is the Melrose Georgetown Hotel. This is my choice hotel because of the decor, staff and spacious rooms. When entering the lobby you’re greeted by professional and caring staff, along with an eclectic, unique, and beautiful style of décor. When choosing a hotel to host your staycation I recommend an ambience that isn’t typical to what you would encounter in your everyday life.  On your staycation you’ll want to order plenty of convenient delicious items from the room service menu. Jardenea, the award winning farm-to-table restaurant located within Melrose Georgetown, offers wonderful selections not only for dinner but breakfast, lunch and late night, offered 24 hours a day- 7 days a week. Be sure the hotel has a stellar reputation for cleanliness. The last thing you would want to do on your staycation is spend valuable time cleaning up your suite. Outdoor space like a balcony or a small terrace will prove key. If your staycation is in a metropolitan city the private outdoor space will allow you to truly soak up the city ambiance.
  2. Spa day. Have the spa come to you. Schedule a massage, facial, have your hair styled and get your nails done too, order it all. Why not have your favorite salon come to you. This is one of the advantages of a staycation. Most likely, you have your preferred beauty team that you know and trust. Invite them to your suite and enjoy being pampered.
  3. Now that you’re all dolled up- have a full night on the town. Not just dinner and drinks for an hour or two. Really take your time make use of ride share apps like Uber and Lyft. This is where choosing the location of your proposed staycation proves important. Unless you’ve chosen to have a picturesque staycation filled with mountain and lake views. The location of your hotel should have restaurants, entertainment venues and shopping all within walking distance. Typically when I travel to Georgetown in Washington, DC; it involves shopping, a hair appointment or dinner. Staying at the Melrose Hotel proves location savvy, as it’s location is walking distance to most necessities. On your staycation you should see the town in a way you’ve never experienced it. Ignore the most efficient way to get somewhere, put down the GPS and take the long way.
  4. Host a dinner party. Invite 3 of your closest couple friends and order room service. This is a wonderful and intimate way to dine and enjoy your friends in a way that is more formal yet relaxing than a night at home.
  5. If you’re used to doing something fun like dinner and drinks try a fun photo shoot. Create a lasting memory. Don’t let the suite that you’ve enjoyed leave you with just a memory. Keep the photo album you’ve created for a rainy day and for remembering an amazing memory. Try a themed photo shoot and invite your closest friends. A staycation with all its nuances is perfect for sharing with family and friends. Its like stepping up style and luxury in exchange for less travel time, a lasting memory and perhaps a longer stay.