If you’ve seen a few of my recent posts on Instagram or Facebook, you know how often I mention my appreciation for comfortable and oversized clothes – clothes that could easily pass as menswear. Leading me to shop in boutiques that cater to menswear.This isn’t a new concept, women have been wearing men’s clothes for decades and trendsetters have given us copious notes
I first heard about the Forces of Fashion conference after checking my email and thinking Vogue personally sent a RSVP to me; which I’m not sure what world I was living on that day but was quickly brought down to earth when I saw the RSVP hyperlink was a link to purchase tickets. Vogue did an amazing job
The delicate and intricate clothes from Fashion Week aren’t the only pieces capturing the editor’s attention at the shows, the beauty aspect holds its place just as securely. You all know I’m all about inspiration. I pull inspo from designers, stylists and fashion bloggers. I love following the bloggers that focus solely on their clothes when putting their looks together
Just as much as I love to watch what comes down the runway, I like to see who wore what to the shows and who was inspired by the fashion week vibes. Below I’ve listed the three top trends seen this fall, pulled from Paris Fashion Week street style. Animal print: This is the new neutral. 2.
Recently, I’ve been preparing for a major purchase (new home) but have been thinking of other ways that I could invest my savings. Investing in a way that I could benefit from immediately, then potentially sell for a profit or close to my initial investment, would be ideal. I’m always thinking of ways to make my money work for me so
Milan Fashion Week has come to a close and I’ve swooned over one collection after another and found myself taking copious notes. From Versace to Moschino I can’t choose which collection to get lost in. I enjoyed the backstage pictures, runway looks and the shows design, there was style, class and uniqueness all around. I’ll be fair, the London
In a week or so I’ll celebrate one of my closest friend’s birthday. I’m excited to celebrate another year with her since I’ve moved back to DC. I’m excited for all this year has to bring for her. In preparation for her birthday she sent her friends her birthday gift list – which I loved and thought I’d
Why Aren’t There More Black Designers I should say, the title of one of my most referred to articles from Business of Fashion. If you watch my Instagram stories you know I enjoy reading the articles from BOF. Months ago I read an article that highlighted the inequality of designers that are given opportunities within the fashion industry.
Fashion week comes around twice a year each year. The time of year when all eyes (well more than usual) are eyeing what the fashion world has to offer. Spring/Summer collections show at the end of  the summer and Fall/Winter collections show at the end of winter. This year I received two invitations to fashion week shows; they
The street style from Copenhagen and Stockholm Fashion Week is giving me all the inspiration I need for the upcoming shows at New York Fashion Week. I loved the trends that High Snobiety and Vouge highlighted below. waist bag PVC bags giant logoed scarves chunky sneakers animal print checkered print Here’s what I’m pulling for Stockholm:
There are hundreds of sites that share how to save and be frugal when planning a staycation; but just because you’re staying in your home city doesn’t mean you have to cut corners. Traveling far and wide is fun but a staycation can be just as intriguing, if you do it right. A staycation can afford you
Last weekend I enjoyed a much needed relaxing staycation. I booked my staycation at the Melrose Georgetown Hotel. When considering a staycation I pay attention to four important factors: location, suite decor, staff friendliness and attentiveness and restaurant quality.  Melrose Georgetown checks each credential off the list. The location of the hotel is perfect, there aren’t many occasions where
Do you love the Dad Sneaker trend? But you’re not ready to spring for the Balenciaga, Gucci or Prada price tag of $900 or more? Here are a few opitons at a cheaper price that will prove to be a better investment. From the street and runway looks of fashion week, this look isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. See
If you follow any of my social media handles you can tell I enjoy La Vie; the food, the atmosphere, the staff and the crafted cocktails. Last Sunday, I attended a birthday dinner at La Vie, we dined in the main dinning area one of my favorite areas of the restaurant because of the picturesque views. If you
If you’ve signed up for the PrivatelySampled weekly newsletter these sites have already been saved to your Favorites List- I’m sure. If not, here are the top ten sites to shop if you shop designer items and you enjoy saving money. Most of these sites have new and previous season’s clothes, shoes and accessories for
When you’re in a bind, it’s so much easier to rummage through your own closet and shop what you already own. If you’re a habitual shopper or you have a few pieces that you’ve picked up in the past few months that you love this should be your go to. After washing one or two
This trend isn’t one that I like or one that I plan to jump on board with but it’s not going anywhere. We first saw this trend during the fall/winter of 2015 (Miu Miu). I think the reason why I can’t jump on with this one is because it reminds me too much of the
La Vie translates to Life, it’s one of the newer restaurants at The Wharf in South West. The views, decor and food will have you question why the restaurant isn’t called Ce La Vie (This Life). It’s situated in a way, that when seated you’re able to see how beautiful the Washington Channel of the Potomac River
Receiving notoriety as a designer on most occasions is a big deal and worth mentioning but especially when Vogue highlights you as one of the top boundary-breaking designers, promoting diversity and thinking globally. Vogue dubbed 12 international designers as forward thinking; the list included names we all know: Virgil Abloh (OFF White and Louis Vuitton), Riccardo Tisci (Burberry) and Johanna Ortiz (Johanna Ortiz);
Convival, one of DC’s few Michelin star restaurants is situated in an inconspicuous area of Shaw. The ambience in the dinning room area is rustic and quant. I recommend going on a less busy night the restaurant is comfortable small and has an outdoor seating area. The type of food served is French inspired, which I’m
There’s something to say about a really sexy heel that can transition from a more formal shoe to one that can easily be paired with casual clothes. My favorite shoes of the summer have been my DSQUARED2 RiRi Sandals, worn on casual and dressy occasions. Initially released in 2016 still a staple and favorite. Pictured below
After 126 years, Vouge hires the first African American photographer to shoot the cover. No, the magazine’s editor and chief Anna Wintour is not responsible for this change in tide; the push for equality and diversity comes on the heels of Beyoncé gracing the cover of the September issue. Tyler Mitchell a 23 year-old photographer from Atlanta, GA will shoot the entertainment and
The BlogHer Creator Summit was inspiring and educational. I loved connecting with likeminded women, brands and influencers. The speakers that captivated me were Gabrielle Union, Angie Thomas, Elizabeth Scherle from Influenster and Senator Kristen Gillibran. After two days I left feeling impowered and motivated. If there’s something you like to do, kind of like to do or would
When it’s hotter than summer in the south of Spain what do you do? You obviously can’t leave the house in your birthday suit as you may like. Instead throw on a loosely fit dress and cute but casual flats that bring a little more detail to the outfit; exactly what I did Saturday evening before I
After a weekend of rain I always feel a little under the weather especially during the summer- so Sunday night I spent the evening walking around downtown and having small bites at restaurants I haven’t tried yet like The Capital Burger and Espita Mezcaleria.  I wore a crop top from Zara, joggers from Rag & Bone and
Men’s fashion week ended mid-July. Here’s some streetwear inspiration to keep your spirits lifted for the rest of the summer.
Over the weekend I was happy to send time with a really good friend of mine. I looked at the trip as kind of a reboot, every once in a while we all need to connect with that friend we love and cherish but don’t get to spend enough time with. Luckily, she and I
  Bfyne a Nigerian swimwear designer, you may not have heard of them but if you were at Miami Swim Week last week, you definitely saw a strikingly similar collection presented by Silvia Ulson, Brazilian swimwear designer. Is it just another day in the fashion world and another copy? Some say “imitation is the highest form of
As some of you may know, two years ago I worked a taxing job in insurance brokerage. I worked in the brokerage field for about 5 years; as a result I have 50 or so different outfits only suitable for a corporate office environment. I’ve tried to burry them in my transition from Atlanta to DC but every
Influencers today come in different shapes, sizes and ethnicities. I recently read an interesting write up from @businessoffashion on Miquela an influencer, artist and social media personality that happens to be an avatar.  She’s pictured wearing top labels like Chanel, Gucci, Supreme and more; with over 1 million followers whoever is behind her brand is
Blagden Alley, a historical alley in North West DC.  Maybe my favorite alley because from whatever angle you walk down this alley you’re met with a different look and feel. There’s street art, cars, restaurants and bars. There are just a few restaurants that are actually located in the alley but none the less it’s so unique
The queen has taken her rightful place on the thrown. As most of us know the model who broke barriers 20+ years ago in fashion is Ms. Naomi Campbell. She walked gracefully in Dolce Gabbana’s Alta Moda show last week in Lake Como, Italy. Stealing the show in an intricate strapless gown and an elaborate feather headress she’s
Sunday was a beautiful day in the city. I woke up early, worked-out, made breakfast and ran a few errands. I stumbled onto the Rosé Garden a part of Whaley’s restaurant in SW, D.C. after planning to go to the Nationals Game. Very cute outdoor restaurant (kinda) there’s not a lot of food on the menu but
I recently read an article from Complex that inspired this list. The Complex article shared their top picks for the best dressed NBA teams. There were a few players that should have been left off and a few that needed more spotlight. The article names Lebron James as the number one best dressed player but I’m going
If you’ve been reading my posts or following me on Instagram you know I have a small obsession with Tokyo and the Japanese culture. I recently read an article about a 14-year-old Japanese influencer. He’s not just an Instagram personality but a designer and model. He gained a lot of his following and influence after meeting
Friday I went to a good friend’s 30th birthday party. The party was beautiful and huge- like wedding reception big. The food, entertainment and overall night was gorgeous. Can’t wait ’till mine😊 what i wore: top- Zara pants- H&M shoes- Dsquared2 bag- Chanel blazer- Zara (not pictured wearing – see last picture)
Some of you may have noticed I took a few weeks off from social media, specifically the PrivatelySampled handles. Outside of PrivatelySampled I try to keep myself busy so here are a few outfits that you may have missed. Rooftop Cook Out: One thing I love about summer is how often I get to spend time
In Atlanta I had such an amazing team of people that worked with me on developing the PrivatelySampled brand and platform. A couple of weeks ago my girl that worked with me on PS had a big bday; I was happy to join her for her birthday dinner at Oceanaire. I hadn’t been to the DC location, so I’m
This past weekend I had dinner with friends both old and new. Our girls night started at Bistro Bohem; a cute and quaint Czech restaurant. I‘ll for sure eat there again because of the variety of vegetarian options and because the food was good. We ended the night at Cloak Room for their soft opening. I wore:
I’ve pulled this week’s Splurge List from Yoox.com. I’m not sure if I should call this a “Spluge List” because most of the items are decently priced but combining each item you may pay more than your average trip to the mall. I’ve included shoes, accessories and clothing in this list. Take a look, click on the pictures for more information.
I was in awe of the Dior Cruise ‘19 collection.  Maria Grazia poured femininity and feminism into this inter-season collection inspired by Mexican horse riders. See my pills from my favorite stores inspired by the beauty Dior brought us.  Inspired Looks:      
I don’t really have a Dirty Habit, but I like the food and drinks there; it’s on the first level of Hotel Monaco. This night, the restaurant was incredibly packed because The Capitals are in the Stanley Cup. I drank a little and had decent Crudités before we headed out for the remainder of the night. I love the ambiance here
I’ve never been to a Midnight BBQ concert- the name is a little misleading because it ended around 12 and there wasn’t a lot of BBQ but the word play worked. DJ Esco headlined the all DJ concert so there was mostly Future played on his set. He wasn’t my favorite DJ but overall I’d go again
Hey guys, I liked the feedback I got last week after sharing a few of my favorite sale picks..click the pictures below for more information.                       Intermix I love this hoodie, it’s perfect for a windy summer night. Pair it with jean shorts, bicycle shorts or a jean skirt. Alexander
When I was younger I spent Sunday’s with my grandparents. Now that I’ve moved back home I make a point to spend time with my Mom and Dad and if I can’t make Sunday another day during the week. Luckily, I spend a good amount of time with my Dad because we work together a few
Because my schedule is so flexible, a few weeks ago I decided at least once a week I‘d do D.C. tourist activities. I haven’t lived in the city for over 10 years so it’s time. Last week, I visited the American Indian Museum; enjoyed it, but I don’t see myself returning anytime soon without being on a
Instagram has made shopping easier than ever – for those of us that want to buy what we see trending, on runways or on our favorite celebrity. As we’ve seen, pairing higher priced items with less expensive items can increase the size of your wardrobe while being economical – but it has to be done just right. Here are a few
We’re days away from Memorial Day aka the “commencement of spring sales”. We have about a month before summer officially begins and I like to shop these sales to build up my summer wardrobe. See this weeks list of summer splurges to shop before the Memorial Day Weekend. I’ll continue this series, know the sales will only get bigger so stay
Vacation looks from my short stay in San Pedro, Belize.  I traveled to San Pedro with my mother for her birthday and Mother’s Day. We enjoyed the weather, our villa and the culture. I highly recommend Belizean Cove Estates and Mahogany Bay.  My one regret was that I was unable to see the ruins in
Just returning from a fun and relaxing trip to San Pedro, Belize. My overall plan for this trip was to take my mom on a vacation to relax and catch up. Our last mother and daughter trip was in 2009, where we went to Paris- so we were for sure over due; but I’ll get into the details of the trip
Pulling from 90’s motifs, Prada presented the Resort collection in New York on West 52nd Street; boding well as Prada hosted a table just a few days later at the Met Gala. Vogue mentioned, how Prada pulled from earlier themes the designer’s known for – the reemergence of looks from 8-10 years ago; looks millineals may have missed and the generation prior
I enjoy watching the Met Gala’s red carpet, the looks from celebrities and well known people in the entertainment industry will have even the least interested a “for-the-day” fashion guru. The day after, I enjoy reading the different magazine’s take on the stars and their looks. It’s still weird to me how under-represented people of color are; not necessarily
Yesterday I got the chance to catch up with a good friend of mine that I knew in highscool. We didn’t go to highschool together but met during a summer program at Yale. I love connecting with people from 10+years ago and catching up like no time has passed. We had drinks and a couple of small plates at Tico, one
Well known as fannypacks but better known as beltpacks. They’re convienent, stylish and can be very affordable. I’ve put together a list of a few of my favorite affordable beltpacks under $250. Let me know what you think!? Each item is from @luisaviaroma the supreme waist bag is from StockX.   Ways to wear your
One of my goals this year was to travel a lot. Last year was a challenging year filled with ups and downs. This year I plan to be intentional with everything I do. Like most people, initially I put a lot of pressure on myself to live this year fully since I’ll turn 30 in November but now
I get sleepy when I haven’t rested well in two days; this weekend and this upcoming week will be nonstop for me. With that said I got a few comments on my swimsuit from yesterday so I thought I’d share, since I have a few moments of downtime. Sidebar- ignore my slides they’re so comfortable and I got
Ready for summer and easy go to outfits? Quick and simple Do’s and Don’ts when throwing on your Saturday best (for running errands). About two or three years ago every time I’d leave home it was an occasion to get dressed and do the absolute most; I mean just running to the grocery store I
I read a piece Elle.com did on summer colors and matching unexpected hues together- loved it and thought I’d share. There’s a lot of pink but keep scrolling. 1. Grapefruit and Pomegranate (Pink and Red)   2. Hot Pink and Olive    3. Cobalt Blue and Yellow   4. Lavender and Pastel Pink 5. Nude and Emerald Green Visit
I’ve recently been inspired by runway looks from this season, Bey’s performance and the originators of the headwrap, the entire African continent. I’m feeling this look and will for sure incorporate this look this summer. Take a look at my inspo…  
  How To: Wear Basics Without Looking Basic Casual clothes or basics are easy to throw on yet hard to style properly. Here are my favorite tops that I wear as go to’s when I want to throw on something comfortable but also be able to transition it to night.  1. Muscle T-shirts Men’s Muscle
I planned to attend the first week of Coachella, that obviously didn’t turn out as planned. So I’ve put together a list of my favorite celeb and non-celeb looks from the festival. Just know, I was so excited to share with you all but I have trips planned for the rest of the summer-so it’s coming! There
The warm weather has finally hit (I think). Maybe we’re having a cold spring because winter started so late.. but I digress. This weekend I celebrated my closest friend’s birthday. Thursday, we started at Charlie Whiskey the rooftop bar at the Canopy Hotel in southwest DC. Eventually the party was hungry and we migrated downstairs. Unless I‘m in a flatbread mood (which I’ll
This post is soley dedicated to highlight my love and great friend Lauren. She started a really cute and insightful blog sharing beauty and healthy eating tips. Since we spent a few days together in Atlanta a couple weeks ago, I thought I’d share our outfits as well.   I’m wearing: Leather Jacket- To Hell Shirt- Zara Pants- Top Shop Shoes- Steve
I’ve found unlimited brunches have headaches at the end of the rainbow.  I‘ve either over done the eating or drinking for the day. The only good thing about being excessive during the day is giving your body an entire day to adust. Luckily this brunch ended well, just a few Bellinis and laughs at Masa 14 and a
Looks from Tokyo Fall/Winter fashion week. Japan is growing as one of my favorite cities -that I’ve never been to. You’ll find me drooling over the endless streetwear looks for inspiration and raw style.  Street style from fashion week attendees and enthusiasts alike show off their favorite looks and designs – a spin on current trends and foreshadowing what’s to come.
There’s no secret that the summer season is most peoples favorite time of the year. My favorite for sure, I love the patterns, the colors and the materials. Last year the itty bitty bra was a staple, worn with discretion and without. I loved this look and see no plans in its retirement this summer. Some of
If you’re not ready for summer that’s understandable, especially if you live in the northeast. We’ve recently had unseasonably cold weather and if you’re like me you don’t want to shop for summer when you’re wearing ski coats because there’s snow on the ground; nonetheless spring and summer are around the corner and I’m so ready. Favorite trends from
As most of you know- if you’re following me on Instagram- I moved from Atlanta back to the DMV (Washington DC/ Maryland area). Moving from Atlanta was definitely bitter sweet; I grew up as an adult there, I moved to Atlanta a month after graduating college. I had a lot of fun, loved a little and grew
Loewe, Giambatista Valli, and Off White – amazing runway looks in my favorite city, Paris. Loewe: Off White: Giambatista Valli:  
I love pulling inspiration from runway collections. I look at everything from the shape and design of the  jewlery to the layering and colors of the entire look. Gather some inspiration from the Gucci, Fausto Puglisi and Roberto Cavalli AW18 runway collection. Gucci: Fausto Puglisi: Ready To Wear: Fausto Puglisi   Roberto Cavalli: to
Adult fun, sounds a little taboo but not here; Players Club is an adult playground for gamers. Not video games but arcade and fun throwback games. Fun for a night with friends, they serve liquor but work with Shake Shack to provide food.  Outfit details: top: naked Wardrobe pants: Forever 21 belt: Zara shoes: Kendal and Kylie
The Top 10 Instagram Boutiques- Quality! Who doesn’t love inexpensive basics or a good high/low combo. It’s important to buy from a store you can trust. Trust that the store will deliver on time and that the item will look as pictured- the list goes on. With that said, I’ve put together a list of
Show a little skin without doing the absolute most- 4 shirts that I pull from for date-night. Off-the-shoulders tops. Sexy but discretely sexy. Always a go to for me. 2. Crops can be okay if you don’t show your entire stomach less is more here. Don’t pair with leggings or tight jeans unless the occasion
I‘m not a huge fan of the “fashions” (love that term) that are actually worn at the Grammys because it’s just not my forte but nonetheless I can appreciate the effort, design and pairing that the designers and stylists put into each look. Below I put together a round-up of my favorite looks and looks that I thought
If you only shop designer or shop designer when you can, you’ll want to get familiar with these sites. The sites below give shoppers the option to purchase items by saving up for an item, joining a membership program, layaway, financing, trading or renting (with the option to purchase). If financing isn’t your thing or
Personally I’m not a huge trend follower; I think if you love an item and the way you look in it, wear it and keep wearing it. I’ve put together a round-up of trends that are on your editor’s favorite editor “trend list”. Also included are trends that are no longer on said list but that
Undeniable  street wear inspiration from Paris and Milan Men’s Fashion Week. What I would have done to be in Paris last week😍😍, I’ve never been to Milan but hope to go one day. Get inspired… images from WWD and VougeFR
Gift ideas for your boyfriend that you both can wear. 1. Oversized Jean jacket, Puffer or Leather Jacket. 2. Flannel button up, try blue instead of red or white. Mix it up and make it your own add a pin or button, maybe even a certified pin😉😉 (Chanel) This is a list of items that
Staying busy can be easy and look easy; I haven’t found a way to accomplish that yet but I have plans! I would like to share each moment of my day with you all from lazy days when I wear workout clothes all day with no plans to go to the gym, to my recent all black movement
Winter essentials for guys. Are you bored with your closet? Here are 3 items that you can wear to change up any look. Wear it over and over and over again. (Girls can do this too) 1. Hats: wide brim, paper boy, leather hat, beret, big fur hat, and not so average baseball caps. 2.
  1. Black jeans or joggers with detail. Whether it’s on the knee or extra unnecessary zippers- add some detail. This can go a long way. Simple is best, this can be paired with anything since it’s black. I’d pair it with a camel colored sweater or an oversized hoodie maybe red. I also like
For sure there are a lot of sneaker releases and re-releases that are hitting the waves this month. Here is a list of my favorite round ups from the past week. Keep an eye out for these collaborations and color releases. Let me know what you think. COMME des GARÇONS x Nike Via Highsnobiety Model: Air Max 180 Stand
Gazuza a Hookah Lounge in Dupont Circle (D.C.)- the sushi is decent as well as the shisha (really good Happy Hour specials). I went to Gazuza last night to meet up with good friends and connect about business ideas and trips we have planned for the year. This year, I planned to map out everything I do
Recently I’ve had to get really creative with what I’ve put together to wear when I go out, because every time I schedule time to go to Atlanta something comes up; I’m either traveling somewhere else or need to be in D.C. Since I haven’t had the chance to get to Atlanta in the past month (where
Civil Lounge Cigar Bar- I am not a huge fan of cigar bars because of the obvious reasons, but once I overcome the smell and the after smell I enjoy it. Civil has great food, hand crafted drinks and great cigars. This was my first time but I know I’ll be back- on a day I don’t mind my hair
Street wear and it’s hashtag and highlights from fashion weeks have become a phenomenon of it’s own. I love it and embrace it just as much as I do the motifs from the runway. My favorite street style looks from London Fashion Week: Puffer Jacket and Flannel Vinyl! Velvet is hear to stay. Embrace it.
Welcome 2018, it’s finally here😌 Like most people, I love celebrating the New Year for all that it represents; a fresh start, a new beginning and an end to all the things you’d like to forget that transpired over the previous year. With that said, I enjoyed ringing in the New Year with good friends. I spent
Below I’ve highlighted favorite looks from three runway shows.   Tinie Tempah, the artist debuted his new line What We Wear and finessed! I am 100% a fan of the structured athleisure look some call sport-luxe. Very very clean lines and transitional pieces. Throw on to go to the mall or wear on a dinner date. See pictures below from the
Hey PS Loves! This post is a round up of all my looks from December. Every year I say the same thing ‘I can’t believe the end of the year is just a couple days away’ but nonetheless it is. This time of the year calls for reflection, goal setting and thankfulness. I enjoy writing these posts, they’ve become
Hey PS Loves, Miami last weekend was super fun and super cold – I wasn’t expecting the 50 degree weather but found ways to cope. So I flew in late Friday, rushed to shower, pregamed and went to a fun “warehouse vibe” party at 1306 Miami. Security took our phones but I managed to get a couple pictures. Vintage
PS loves! Below are some of my favorite outfits from last week (and the week before). It’s officially the end of the year, which brings cold weather, layering and the best sales. I love a sale!! See what I wore and some of my (similar look) sale picks below 🙂 I celebrated life and love with
PS, Last Tuesday, I celebrated my birthday dinner with my close friends in DC. We ate at the Wharf in SW, a restaurant called Del Mar. I’m slowly becoming obsessed with this area. I work in that area often and love being on the water. Don’t be surprised if you see me setting up shop there sooner than later.
PS, I didn’t plan to do much for my birthday this year but fortunately I spent a lot of time with loved ones in the two cities I live in. With that said I packed a simple dress to go with shoes I purchased a few months ago. The heel is low so I wanted to show a lot of leg- see hip high split.
PS Loves, My girls and I started the night at the MaCallan tasting event, a lot of Scotch (learned Scotch is only from Scotland and Whiskey is from Ireland- don’t quote me though)! The setup was dope, some interactive stations and more- I ended the night at a small hookah lounge on U Street called Vivid. I wore: Blazer-
PS Loves, I pulled a lot of looks I’m crushing on together for my weekend in Atlanta. I mixed business with pleasure this weekend and I think that translated (a little) into what I bought/chose to wear. Friday, I spent a few hours with some of my closest friends at Blue (Instanblue) hookah lounge in Buckhead.
Hey PS Loves- Coming down from my bday week/weekend fun I had a couple calm weekend dinner and brunch activities planned. I’ve never been a huge birthday celebration type-of-girl but the more I accomplish and the happier I choose to be the more I get into the season. Below I had brunch at Kith And Kin;
THE WHITE BUTTON DOWN I am still talking about building your wardrobe, I’ve given a couple tips from shopping for statement pieces, to wardrobe basics. Now here’s a quick guide to the most popular chic summer wardrobe piece; the white button down shirt! Every fashion girl could do with a white button down shirt, more points
Hey PS Loves, Fall is starting to become my favorite season; I love the versatility of the looks and layering. So you all know I’m always out and about (or try to be); this night my friends and I started with dinner and drinks at Barcelona, a wine bar and tapas restaurant on 14th St in
Happy Fall PS Loves! With the change in season comes fun fall events. This night I was invited to attend a Martell (Liquor) party. The event was held at a private home in the Chevy Chase area of Washington DC. I love coming back home to DC and I feel nostalgic when I see my friends and family and
I am writing this blog post as I stress about the million things I have to do right now. Literally, I have a ton of stuff on my To-Do list and I am questioning whether I will truly get it done by the deadline. Ahhh! I laid in bed last night like, why do I
DIFFERENT WAYS TO ROCK YOUR LEATHER JACKET “Different Ways To Rock Your Leather Jacket”   Hello blog family, It’s me again.  I’ll start by stating the obvious..  This subject has probably been done a trillion times, but not by me.  I’ve always been a firm believer that you can always do something better then the guy before