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Summer Sandal Meets Chunky Sneaker

Summer Sandal Meets Chunky Sneaker

You have to know the summer sandal that met the chunky sneaker trend has taken over.  They met, connected and boom💥 the chunky, athletic sandal was born.

I’ve always liked a polished and chic look but there’s something very comfortable and cute about the thick soled and athletic sandal. They’re so easy to throw on to add a trendy flare to an otherwise very simple outfit. Think white-t, oversized hoodie, bicycle shorts or utility jumper to pair with the sandals.

Here’s a few of my favorite sandals this season, the links are affiliate links just FYI -if it takes a while.


Stella McCartney Eclypse platform sandals

Look for: Thick platform sole, utility clasp and secure straps.

Joshua Sanders Chunky Sandal



Del Carlo Chunky Sandal


Miu Miu Logo Sandals


I’m wearing sandals from ASOS in the first picture. They’re not selling them this year but here’s something similar:

More looks on the OOTD tab.

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