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UPDATE: Fast Fashion Boutiques

UPDATE: Fast Fashion Boutiques

Last year, I reposted a video I created where I listed my go-to fast-fashion boutiques.

Too many times I’ve needed to buy the perfect outfit for an upcoming event or trip on super short notice. When this happens what’s your first thought? Run to the mall? Probably if your event is the next day but most likely you’re searching through your most trusted sites, hopefully with two-day shipping.

So now you’re on Zara, ASOS, Farfetch or Revolve – right?

Their inventory is massive and at a minimum you’ll spend an hour, or more, looking for inspiration and what to buy.

so here’s the list that will make life a little easier 

Steele Official



Done Par Dieu


Miss Circle

Club L London


See the other boutiques that made the list last year? Click here.

Bonus: Less fast fashion more boutique / designer feels:

  1. Verishop.com: free 1-day shipping and free returns. avg price point $150
  2. TheUnicornUniverse.com: avg price point $50 designer
  3. FromGrayScale.com: avg price point $75 designer
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