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Kanye Did It First.

Kanye Did It First.

The PVC (polyvinyl chloride) shoe is for sure unique to the Yeezy brand. Kanye did it first but almost every designer has taken a page from his book to make the PVC trend their own. There’s something sexy about a shoe that elongates the leg and accents the foot. From thigh-high-boots to slides and pointy pumps, they’re sexy and literally go with everything. He gave us his minimalist approach to the look in perfect Kanye style and now other top designers are taking a note from his book.

Are you a fan of the dupes or are you dropping $500-$900 on plastic Cinderella shoes? I’m a fan, I just want to make sure my toes can breathe properly. The condensation look inside of my shoe doesn’t work for me.

Aquazzura- $547



Christian Louboutin- $1,295

Eilyken- $48.18

Polly Plume- $160.70



Giorgio Armani- $1,395

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