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Beauty Follow-Up Pili Ani, Good Skin and Good Science

Beauty Follow-Up Pili Ani, Good Skin and Good Science

Last month, I went to a beauty event in NYC. It’s been over a month since I mentioned the products I liked (from my last post) and the ones that were so-so. So here’s the update, I tried all the samples I picked up but I got stuck on my favorites, Pili Ani and Good Science. My skin has gone through a major upgrade but I can’t attribute everything to my new beauty regimen because I’ve made a few changes to my diet; like waay more water (1-2 liters), vitamin e supplements and less dairy. I digress, my skin feels better and my makeup looks better too because of both of these products.

My favorites:

Pili Ani -Youthful Glow Facial Cream:

The directions say to use the cream at night but I use it during the day too. My skin literally glows and it almost looks like I’m wearing a primer bc it’s pore minimizing. Not too oily and not dry.

Good Science Brightening Cream:

This product is really gentle and has gradually brightened my complexion over time. This is a good product if you have an uneven skin tone and just want an overall clear complexion. The Murad serum (mentioned below) is better for hyperpigmentation on darker skin.

And every other night I use the Pili Ani -Facial Oil:

I’ve read really good reviews about facial oils so I’ve wanted to try a good one for a while. I love the hydrating cream from Pili Ani, so I use that either before or after the oil and I love the results -I think you’re supposed to use the oil first but I mix it up. I wake up with tight bright skin so I’m a loyal customer.

Then I alternate with the Murad spot correcting serum if i have a blemish and want to get rid of it in a weeks time.


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