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More Black Designers?

Why Aren’t There More Black Designers

Why Aren’t There More Black Designers I should say, the title of one of my most referred to articles from Business of Fashion. If you watch my Instagram stories you know I enjoy reading the articles from BOF. Months ago I read an article that highlighted the inequality of designers that are given opportunities within the fashion industry. I particularly enjoyed this write up because the article noted that a hot topic nowadays is to be inclusive and celebrate diversity. As a result the industry highlights how important diversity is and how inclusive the industry has become. However, more specifically the issue that should be addressed are equal opportunities and the possibilities for black designers.

This article was written before Virgil Abloh was presented with the offer to become the Artistic Director of fashion house Louis Vuitton. This in so many ways has opened doors for those who wish to have the same title as a minority but more specifically a black person. Virgil Abloh and Olivier Rousteing are the only people of color that sit high in a traditionally all white fashion house. I know we all hope to see the playing field even out and congratulate all those that are working hard to give young talented designers an opportunity when no one else will.

Read more of the article here.

Here’s my list of black fashion designers that are currently (hopefully continuously) having a very bright moment.

Olivier Rousteing, Carlie Cushnie, Heron Preston, Virgil Abloh, Laquan Smith, Jerry Lorenzo, Dapper Dan and Kanye West.

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