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Inspired By Menswear

Inspired By Menswear

If you’ve seen a few of my recent posts on Instagram or Facebook, you know how often I mention my appreciation for comfortable and oversized clothes – clothes that could easily pass as menswear. Leading me to shop in boutiques that cater to menswear.This isn’t a new concept, women have been wearing men’s clothes for decades and trendsetters have given us copious notes on what to wear and why; but as athletic wear, 90’s grunge and the overall acceptance of casual style has become the norm opposed to the exception, there are new ways to be inspired by menswear.


Last week, I visited Back Of House, a menswear boutique in Arlington, VA. Back Of House offers designer and streetwear brands at a reasonable price (range: $45 – $450). Walking into the boutique you’re met with an at home feeling; the light is bright but not florescent, natural and airy. The perfect atmosphere to sift through the carefully curated collection of timeless and trend-setting pieces on display. I felt drawn to this boutique because I’ve lost inspiration in casual clothes specifically designed for women. It can feel monotonous, from leggings to tapered pants, even oversized denim, there is an effortlessness to menswear that’s hard to find elsewhere. Pairing items from a menswear collection, especially one like the streetwear collections offered at Back of House, with items from your closet will add the perfect flare. I love the juxtaposition of a delicate and chic top (silk button-up) and a comfortable pair of joggers or sweatpants, or a soft (cashmere or wool) subtly-sexy sweater with oversized denim. Luckily for most women you can purchase boyfriend jeans in a store designed specifically for women but if you’re looking for something different I would try venturing away from the typical style of a boyfriend jean designed for women and get creative and style denim made for men. Today, we see more designers create clothes that are gender neutral. Gender affiliation aside, who doesn’t like to feel comfortable and confident when dressing for a casual but important occasion?


  1. Oversized hoodie or collared shirt, should fit mid-thigh but right above thigh-high-boots. Or pair this look with pumps and black sheer socks. (Photo Credit: Aspivey85)
    1. A silk oversized mens button-up shirt with skinny jeans or slim-fit joggers designed for men or women. I like to play with tucking in the shirt for this look. My preferred option is half-tucked where a portion of the shirt is tucked in the front or skip buttons on the upper part of the shirt so the shirt is purposefully open around the boob area and raised high around the waist. (Photo Credit: KingCartier88)
    2. Men’s causal but well fitting t-shirt with denim – designed for women or men paired with ultra-high heels. For extra credit add a really structured hat with an extra-large brim. (Photo Credit: KingCartier88)
    3. Cashmere or wool sweater as an oversized crop paired with loose fitting denim. (Photo Credit: Smart Closet _Official)
    4. For cooler weather, try a men’s oversized jacket: a bomber jacket, an overcoat or trucker jacket with a slim-fitting outfit underneath. Slim-fitting: textured leggings and a scoop neck t-shirt, a slim-fitting jumpsuit (think all black turtleneck or scoop-neck), or skinny jeans and a v-neck. (Photo Credit: ig:styledbyusra)

    Tip: I usually have a problem with the waist and hips fitting my body properly but a cute belt will easily fix that problem.

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