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The Good and Bad of Microblading

The Good and Bad of Microblading

The Good and Bad of Microblading.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s more good than bad, but that mostly depends on who does your brows. If you’re lucky you have a glimpse of an eyebrow (unlike me, see bottom picture below) and it would be more difficult to mess up your brows. Whether your choice is based on taking minutes off your morning routine or the ease of waking up with a full set of brows; be sure to do ample research and choose your microblader wisely. If you’re in the DMV I highly recommend Deyonne from Huemon Beauty, she’s professional, easy to talk to and keeps a clean workspace!

Okay, enough small talk; let’s get to it. Above are my before and after pictures, from my first appointment. A few years ago I got my eyebrows done and I wasn’t happy with them. They weren’t shaped well and the tool she used was more like a tattoo gun. A little painful but still semi-permanent.

About a month ago, I went to Deyonne and she blessed me with the beautiful eyebrows I have now. About 15-30 mins of the apportionment is used to map out the placement of the brows- see full video of process in the link above. This I loved because I knew exactly what they’d look like. I was able to tell her exactly how I wanted the hair strokes to look and the direction I wanted them to look.¬†This process is 100% customizable. At first she mapped my arch a little too high, I showed her how I typically wear my brows and she reshaped them until I was happy. Deyonne does three different types of brow strokes. Stokes that look like individual hairs, shading which looks like a semi-dark line of makeup or a combination of the two aka Ombr√©.

The total appointment time is about 2.5 – 3 hours long. 15-30 min for brow mapping, 30 min for numbing cream and approximately 2 hours total to microblade the brows. The above picture shows my brows completely healed after 5 weeks. The below picture shows my brows after my touch up appointment.

What you should know before you go.

Do not drink caffeine, alcohol or take aspirin. No really, you’ll bleed more than you would if you didn’t have those substances in your system and it will affect how you heal and how the ink stays in your skin.

Microblading is ever so slightly painful. This is the bad. Really the only bad part unless you don’t take care of your brows after your initial appointment. In the beginning you won’t feel too much because you’ll be so numb. You’ll feel pressure on your face but the numbing cream eventually wears off and when it does, you will feel it! Just be sure to let your microblader know and she’ll numb you again.

What you should know when you leave.

Do not get your brows wet, don’t touch and don’t pull the scabs- even if they’re hanging off. I loved that Deyonne gave me an Aftercare Kit, after the initial appointment and my touch up appointment. In the kit she provides a cream – you’ll want to use this on your brows as they start to heal and scab. Face guards – you’ll want use these when you shower so that your eyebrows don’t get wet. Also in the cute aftercare kit are instruction for your first few days, Q-tips, cotton balls, Advil and Tylenol, under eye cream and water flavor to promote a healthy lifestyle .

The aftercare is really the most important part of the process. The strokes will look more precise if you take care of them- I promise.

Your touch up appointment.

You’ll schedule this appointment 4-6 weeks after your initial important. This appointment will take approximately an hour. This will be your opportunity to make your brows darker or shape them differently if you choose to. Shape them differently to look larger or thicker not smaller. The fortunate part about this is you’re done after the two-week healing process. On to living your happy perfect brow life.

Lastly, be sure to go to a microblader who knows how to remove the microblading if requested. It’s not the easiest process but it can be done and the person who performs the service should know how to remove it.

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