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5 Things You Can Only Find In Tokyo

5 Things You Can Only Find In Tokyo

Yea, it’s a bold claim but I’m sticking to it. This post is truly based off of my experience and some slim research. I’ve only been to three countries in Asia so if you disagree sound off below. 

In the mean time, read below. 

  1. Dope ass Ubers, only luxe cars.

The local train does’t run 24-hours, so late at night my friends and I ordered Ubers. The drivers are dressed professionally and only come in black cars or vans. 2. Novelty and concept bars

From crepe stands that are elaborate and decadent, that remind you of a French cafe on a tucked away Parisian corner, to light shows and monster robot cafe’s. Anything you can think of is in Tokyo.

outside of a Crepe Stand in Shibuya:

in a Tea Shop in Shinjuku- Aoyama Tea House

inside an authentic Ramen restaurant that only had a menu in Japanese:

Red Bar, played reggae tunes: Santa Monica Crepes, decadent crepe stand: Ichiran Ramen, ordering Ramen from a vending machine 

3. Quiet trains that are cheap and inexpensive.

4. Hi-tech toilets; I passed on showing you all a picture of the toilets in Tokyo, because gross, but at almost every establishment I went into the toilets had at least 20 buttons on them (public and private establishments). I’m assuming they were centered around cleaning the person using the toilet and cleaning the actual toilet but either way, it was written in Japanese so I din’t press either one. Just tried to figure out which one meant “flush”.

5. Clean streets, no trash cans and hardly any rodents- I saw 1 while there for 5 days, The streets were very clean and there was no smell of garbage.


More Tokyo highlights and recomendations

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